Frequently asked questions

Be a little different and hire our unique Tuk Tuk Photo Booth for your event!

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What if it’s raining??

We have it covered, literally!! The set up comes complete with its own shelter to offer light protection for your guests and the Tuk Tuk.


The Tuk Tuk is versatile and can be used in a variety of set ups. The booth is ideally suited to a marquee location but there are many ways in which we can make it work for many locations if that’s marquee tunnelling, a walk way covered by umbrellas or our own shelter.

So is it an original vehicle??

Yes the Tuk Tuk photo booth is an original vehicle. Usually used for transport in Thailand.

Does it work indoors??

YES!! The Tuk Tuk loves going indoors but doesn’t love going up or down stairs, in lifts and through gaps smaller than 160cm in width.

Would it fit in my venue I hear you ask???

The Tuk Tuk will need a clear access of 160cm width from the point of entrance to its desired ground floor location.

Instant Prints??

Yes! The Tuk Tuk will give you instant prints the same as any indoor booth would.

Does it need power?

Yes the Tuk Tuk will require at least 1 (13amp) socket but the set up will include all required and PAT Tested cabling.

What Areas do you cover??

We are based in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk and we cover the East of England and the South East of England regularly but can cover nationwide by arrangement.

Delivery is free in Suffolk!!