Unique photo booth hire for events and weddings from just £450 anywhere in the UK

Take an original classic street Tuk Tuk then deck it out in a vintage luxury style, add a box of crazy props and hats and invite your guests to pose for some creative photos , enjoy the results !!!

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It started in Thailand!!!

The head honcho went on holiday to Thailand, and through experiencing many roller coaster rides through the streets of Bangkok on Tuk Tuks formed a love like no other for these unique three wheelers. Upon returning he started his search far and wide! (Well after boring the whole team with 1000 holiday pictures!)

It took 18 months to find an original Tuk Tuk vehicle in this country and it was found in a barn in Devon, under a dust sheet!

Further months past, and it was finally restored to look how it looks today, and a full photo booth system installed into the vehicle so you can jump into the back and have some photographic fun!!

Vintage Piaggio Ape Tuk Tuk Trucks

After this, a small fleet of vintage Piaggio Ape Tuk Tuk Trucks began to arrive at HQ direct from Italy, all in various colours and condition. They have now all been lovingly restored and can be hired to attend an event near you. Check our sister company to see the results!! And what you can do. www.purewhiteevents.co.uk

I am still unsure if it’s healthy to have such an obsession for these three wheeled cuties, but he is still looking for more! Watch this space!!
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